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​​Welcome back, Middleton Families!

The first MHS PTSA General Meeting has been re-scheduled for Thursday, October 5th.  We will have a Meet & Greet at 5:30 PM (light refreshments served) with the Meeting starting at 6:00 PM.  Additional details including the meeting agenda will be coming out soon in the TigerGram.

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Your future is waiting at Middleton High School.     

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Attached are a couple of maps to help you navigate the Middleton High School Campus:

MHS Classroom Map  and MHS Google Map




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Last updated 7/24/2017 

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​​​​​​                                                Middleton High School
                                     2017-18 General School Supply List

                                                     ​(Updated List)

Notebook paper-throughout the year

1, 2, 3 subject notebooks (Multi-colored) and enough for throughout the year for all classes
Pencils:  No. 2
3 prong folders with pockets (Multi-colored) enough for throughout the year for all classes
Pens- Blue or Black only
1" 3 ring binder with 5 dividers (or 5 dividers to be inserted into AVID binder) (Spanish Classes only)
Glue sticks
3 different colored highlighters - (YELLOW, GREEN, and PINK highlighters  needed for AP World History classes ONLY)

Access to Office 365-See District web site

College Board-approved Graphing Calculator (Geometry and up)

Scientific calculator (Algebra 1, 1A, and 1B)

Book Bags

$75.00 shop fee for students in Barbering Classes

$75.00 fee (approximately) for Driver Education Class (includes testing, permitting, etc.)

AVID Students: 2” 3 ring binder with dividers; Pencil; pen and 3 hole punch pouch 

Science and Engineering-Class projects: Construction paper, Poster Boards, Display Boards
Other supplies as announced during the school year
AP Psychology classes will be required to have a 1.5 inch binder

 Dr. Moore's School Wide List

                  Each item donated contributes to your student’s success. 

                              Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Hand sanitizer

White copy paper
#2 Pencils
Pens (black and blue)
Notebook (filler) paper
Post-It notes
*** Binders (1, 2 and 3 inch) ***



Gym classes: Approved gym shorts, shoes, and shirts

Clubs have fees assessed for membership and participation in competition

Athletic teams have fees assessed for participation in competition, to include equipment and uniform replacement costs

Senior Class Sponsor (Ms. Victoria Scott) will announce Senior Packet costs after school opens

ROTC Program requires regulation hair cut for males; uniform worn one day a week; females’ hair must be in a bun, no more than three inches; no body piercing on body parts when in uniform.

PTSA TigerGram

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The first few weeks back to school are always a little stressful and hectic, especially for parents in car line.  There are a few things you can do to help our car line run smoothly, safely and more efficiently.

​1)   Have you child ready to exit your vehicle by the time you get to the front of the line.  While this seems like common sense, many students remember a syllabus that needs to be signed, etc.   If this occurs, continue through the line and park to complete your business.

2)  Cell phones - again this seems like common sense but we are all guilty of multi-tasking.  The problem with this is, drivers are not paying attention to the teachers and staff who are responsible for directing traffic.  Please be careful in car line, students are crossing the parking lots and driveways and they too are looking at their phones.  

3)  Traffic pattern:  The ideal stopping point is where the staff directs you.  Please do not stop close to the 400 building while leaving several car lengths of space between you and the next vehicle.  Your student will get to class on time if they walk the extra 50 feet and the other parents behind you will be thankful that they reached the front of the line sooner.  

Together we can make MHS a safe campus.  

Middleton is proud to be one of only nine schools in the nation to be STEM Certified by AdvancED!


​On 10/3/14, Middleton earned the distinction of 'Prime School' by SME.  Prime schools are selected for their ability to be leading educational institutions in the areas of advanced manufacturing and STEM education.


​Middleton was one of two HCPS high schools to receive the Magnet School of Excellence Award from Magnet Schools of America - February 2016.​​​​​

Middleton High School